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PET aluminum -plated reflection membrane
  • PET aluminum -plated reflection membrane
PET aluminum -plated reflection membrane

Advanced hospital technology PET aluminum -plated reflective membrane can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Advanced Academy PET aluminum plating reflection membrane is a compassional material material based on a polyester film (polytic benzene diicate) as a substrate, and placed an aluminum film on its surface through the aluminum plating process.

The preparation process of PET aluminum -plated optical reflectives has gone through multiple steps. First of all, the PET film is used as a substrate, because PET has good optical transparency and flexibility, which is very suitable for optical membrane materials. Next, through the vacuum coating technology, an aluminum film is placed on the surface of the PET membrane. This layer of aluminum film can reflect light to achieve the function of optical reflective membrane.

PET aluminum -plated optical reflective membrane has a wide range of applications. Because of its high reflection rate, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, it is often used in the fields of optical instruments, display screens, solar devices to improve the efficiency of light and optical performance. In addition, PET aluminum -plated optical reflective membrane can also be used in the fields of building glass, windows, etc., playing the role of heat insulation and infrared rays.

However, there are also some restrictions on PET aluminum -plated optical reflective membranes. For example, in the process of processing, factors such as temperature, pressure, and material purity in the process of vacuum coating need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the aluminum membrane obtained is uniform, dense, and has a certain thickness. In addition, due to the existence of aluminum membranes, the material has low transparency, so it may not be applicable in certain optical applications.

In summary, PET aluminum -plated optical reflection membrane is an optical material with widespread prospects. It is suitable for improving the performance of optical equipment and realizing heat isolation through the characteristics of high reflectivity and excellent weather resistance by plating an aluminum film on PET substrates.

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