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Honeycomb type absorbing material



Honeycomb -type suction materials are a material that is commonly used in electromagnetic wave absorption and protection. It has good suction performance and mechanical strength.

The structure of honeycomb -type suction materials is similar to honeycomb -shaped, which is superimposed by a layer or multi -layer metal thin piece and conductive/conductive/conductive filler. Flashing is usually metal fiber, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber, etc. Its special structure makes it have lower electromagnetic reflection and conduction capabilities, which can effectively absorb incident electromagnetic waves.

The main advantages of honeycomb -type suction materials include:

1. Broadband absorbing performance: The honeycomb structure allows it to show good wave absorption performance within a wide range range, which can effectively absorb electromagnetic waves with a variety of frequencies.

2. High -wave absorption efficiency: The honeycomb structure provides a large surface area, increasing the contact area of the material and the electromagnetic wave, thereby improving the absorbance efficiency.

3. High mechanical strength: Honeycomb -type suction materials are usually formed by alternating metal slices and fillers. It has high mechanical strength and stiffness and can withstand a large external force.

4. High temperature resistance: The commonly used in honeycomb -type suction materials, such as ceramic fiber, has good high temperature resistance, suitable for electromagnetic wave absorption applications in high temperature environments.

Honeycomb -type suction materials are widely used in electronic electromagnetic wave protection, radar stealth technology, and electromagnetic radiation control. In electronic products, it can be used for electromagnetic wave shielding and reducing electromagnetic leakage; in aerospace and military equipment, it can be used to reduce the cross -sectional area of radar reflection and improve stealth performance; in the communication system, it can be used to reduce electromagnetic wave radiation and interference.

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