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Platinum plating film
PET platinum film
  • PET platinum film
PET platinum film

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Advanced college technology PET platinum is a common metal coating technology, which is commonly used in medical electrodes, electronics, optics, sensors and other industries.

1. What is PET platinum plating film?

PET Platinum is a film formed by the formation of platinum particles deposited on the surface of the polyester film through physical or chemical methods. Platinum membrane has excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance and stability, and is commonly used to make conductive film, sensors and electronic components.

2. What are the preparation methods of PET platinum film?

The main methods of preparing PET platinum membrane are mainly physical steaming, magnetic sputtering and chemical plating. Physical steam plating is to evaporate the platinum material and deposit on the PET surface by the vacuum environment; chemical plating uses a chemical reduction response to the PET surface to deposit platinum particles.

3. What are the applications of PET platinum plating film?

PET platinum -plated film is often used in the electronics industry to make conductive film, medical electrodes, screen touch sensors, thin film batteries, etc. In addition, PET Platinum plating can also be used in infrared windows and optical fiber communication devices in the field of optical.

4. What are the characteristics of PET platinum -plated film?

PET Platinum coating has good conductivity and can easily achieve film conductivity. In addition, platinum membrane has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to be eroded by chemicals such as acid and alkali. At the same time, PET has excellent mechanical properties as a substrate, making the reliability and durability of platinum -plated film.

Therefore, PET Platinum is a common metal coating technology with good conductivity and corrosion resistance. There are extensive application prospects in electronics, optics and other fields.

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