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  • LCP thin film metal plating
LCP thin film metal plating

Advanced Institute Technology LCP thin film metal plating (gold, silver, copper, etc.), thickness can be customized according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Academy of Technology LCP film plating metal (gold, silver, copper, etc.) is a common surface treatment technology. LCP (liquidCrystalpolymer) is a LCD polymer, which has the characteristics of low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength. Therefore, it is widely used in electronics, optics, and communication industries.

Film plating metal is a technology that attach metal atom or alloy substance to the surface of the LCP film through gold plating process. Although the thickness of the membrane layer is very thin, this treatment can give the LCP film more function and characteristics, such as enhancing its conductivity, antioxidant, and anti -corrosion performance.

Common metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc. can be attached to the surface of the LCP membrane through physical evaporation, sputtering, and electroplating. Among them, physical evaporation and sputtering are common electrolytic metal coating methods. Under vacuum conditions, the metal substances evaporate or splash into the LCP membrane to form a dense and uniform metal membrane. The electroplating is to deposit the charged metal ions to the surface of the LCP film to form a metal film.

LCP film plating metal has many advantages and application value. First of all, the metal membrane can improve the conductivity of the LCP membrane and play an important role in applications such as flexible electronic equipment and radio frequency. Secondly, the metal membrane can also provide shielding performance to prevent the interference of electromagnetic signals. In addition, the metal membrane can also enhance the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the LCP membrane and improve its service life in a complex environment.

However, there are some problems and challenges in LCP film plating metals. The gold plating process requires strictly controlling parameters such as temperature, time, and thickness to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the metal membrane. In addition, the adhesion of the metal membrane and the LCP base also needs to be fully considered to ensure that the metal membrane is not easy to fall off during use.

In summary, the LCP film plating metal is a common surface treatment technology. By attached to the surface of the LCP film, the LCP film can be given more functions and characteristics of the LCP film. This technology has extensive application prospects in the fields of electronics, optics and communications, aerospace and other fields.

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