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Ceramic gold plating

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Advanced Academy of Science and Technology Ceramics Gold

Ceramic magnetic sputtering gold plating is a commonly used surface treatment technology. By forming a layer of coating on the surface of the ceramic material, it improves its aesthetics and corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

1. Craft principle:

Ceramics magnetic sputtering gold plating is the principle of magnetic control sputtering. In the vacuum environment, by adding a certain electric field between the metal target and the ceramic material reaction chamber, the metal particles are accelerated. film. Such a film can protect the surface, increase the luster and beauty and excellent conductive performance.

2. Advantages:

Ceramics magnetic sputtering gold plating can form a uniform metal film on the ceramic surface. It has good adhesion and corrosion resistance, which can effectively protect the surface of the ceramic material from being damaged. At the same time, the metal membrane can improve the conductivity of ceramics, and has certain thermal conductivity, which is conducive to the use of ceramic materials in a special environment.

3. Note:

When performing ceramic magnetic control sputtering gold, it is necessary to fully consider the physical characteristics and shapes of ceramic materials. Different materials and shapes of ceramics will have different requirements for sputtering process parameters and gold -plated effects. In addition, when preparing metal targets, it is necessary to pay attention to ensure its purity and uniformity to obtain better sputtering gold -plated effects.

4. Application field:

Ceramic magnetic sputtering is widely used in medical products, communications products, aerospace and other fields. Through gold -plated treatment, ceramic materials can increase its market competitiveness.

To sum up, ceramic magnetic control sputtering gold plating is a commonly used surface treatment technology, with advantages such as uniform coating and corrosion resistance, etc., and is suitable for medical, communication aerospace and other fields. When performing this process, pay attention to the characteristics and shapes of ceramic materials to obtain a better gold -plated effect.



1. 工艺原理:


2. 优点:


3. 注意事项:


4. 应用领域:


总结起来,陶瓷磁控溅射镀金是一种常用的表面处理技术,具有优点如镀膜均匀、耐腐蚀等,适用于医疗、通信 航天航空等领域。在进行该工艺时,需要注意陶瓷材料的特性和形状,以获得更好的镀金效果。 

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