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Gold-plated film
PPS gold -plated film
  • PPS gold -plated film
PPS gold -plated film

Advanced hospital technology PPS gold -plated membrane can be customized as needed and thick; welcome to consult.



Advanced Academy of Science and Technology PPS coating is a material with high temperature and good electrical properties. It is mainly used in electronic devices and automotive components.

1. The characteristics ofpps are the characteristics of the golden coating

        PPS gold coating has the following characteristics:

-The high temperature tolerance: The melting point of PPS golden gluten can reach more than 300 ° C, which can maintain stability in high temperature environment without melting or deformation.

-The electrical performance is good: PPS gold coating has excellent insulation performance and low -agent electric constant, which can effectively isolate the circuit and have low attenuation and loss.

-The chemical resistance: PPS golden blocks have good corrosion resistance under the action of acid and alkali and other chemicals, and can maintain stability in harsh environments.

2. Application of PPS golden coating

       Due to the characteristics of PPS coating, it has a wide range of applications in some specific areas, including but not limited to the following aspects:

-Electronic device: PPS golden gluten can be used to make high -temperature electronic devices, such as high -temperature sensors, high temperature resistance containers, etc.

-At car parts: PPS golden gluten is widely used in the automotive industry, mainly used to manufacture high temperature, corrosive sensors, sockets, connectors, etc.

-The medical field: PPS gold coating is used in medical device manufacturing, such as high -temperature sterilizers, high -temperature sensing probes.

3. Preparation of pps golden coating

      The preparation of PPS coating is generally a method of physical coating or chemical coating. Among them, physical coating includes vacuum steaming, sputtering and electroplating technologies; chemical coating uses the method of metal ions in the solution to restore sedimed metal. During the preparation process, you need to pay attention to the control temperature, deposition rate, and membrane thickness to obtain better membrane quality.

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