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Jinxi alloy

Advanced college science and technology gold tin alloy can customize size and thickness as needed; welcome to consult.



The science and technology gold tin alloy of the advanced house can be customized on demand size and thickness.

Gold tin alloy is a alloy consisting of two metal elements: gold and tin. Jinxi Alloy is a material widely used in the industrial field, with a series of unique characteristics and advantages.

First of all, Jinxi alloy has high melting points and corrosion resistance. Metal gold itself has good corrosion resistance. After alloidization with tin elements, the corrosion resistance of alloy is further enhanced. This allows Jinxi alloy to maintain a long period of stability and reliability in high temperature and corrosive environment.

Secondly, Jin Xi's alloy has good conductivity and thermal conductivity. Gold is an excellent conductive and thermal conductivity, and the addition of tin can further improve the conductivity and thermal conductivity of alloy. Therefore, Jinxi alloy is often used in electronic devices, semiconductor industries, and welding fields.

In addition, Jin Xi's alloy also has certain plasticity and toughness. Metal alloys usually have good plasticity and toughness, and can get the required shapes and sizes during processing. The excellent plasticity of Jinxi Alloy has widely used it in the fields of making jewelry, dental industry, and other imitation gold products.

It should be noted that the specific performance of Jinxi alloy depends on the proportion of gold and tin in alloy. Different proportion of Jinxi alloys may have different characteristics, and need to be deployed and selected according to specific requirements.

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