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Communication shield

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The communication shield is a device for external electromagnetic radiation for blocking or weakening radio and electromagnetic waves that affect its interference. It is mainly used in the packaging and protection of electronic equipment, communication equipment and electronic products.

1. The principle of communication shield: The communication shielding cover is selected by selecting the appropriate material and structure to form a closed metal shell. Under the action of external electromagnetic radiation, most electromagnetic waves cannot enter the shielding by reflection, absorption and refraction. Inside the cover, to protect the internal electronic equipment.

2. Materials for communication shielding masks: The communication shielding cover usually uses metal materials with good conductivity and high electromagnetic wave shielding capacity, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc. These materials can effectively absorb and reflect electromagnetic waves, thereby reducing the interference with equipment.

3. The structure of a communication shield: The structure of the communication shield usually includes the components of the shell, sealing, and grounding. The shell is the main body of the shielding cover. It is made of metal material and can effectively shield the interference of electromagnetic waves. The sealing part is used to ensure that the interior of the shield is not invaded by the outside electromagnetic wave. Ground is used to connect the shield to the ground to make it a relatively closed system.

4. Application of communication shielding masks: communication shielding masks are widely used in packaging and protection of electronic devices and communication equipment, such as mobile phones, television, computer and other products. It can effectively block the interference of external electromagnetic radiation to internal electronic devices and improve the work performance and stability of the equipment.

5. Design and manufacturing of communication shield: The design and manufacturing of communication shields requires consideration of multiple factors, such as shielding effect, size, material selection, etc. When designing, the shape and structure of the shield is determined according to the environment and needs of the equipment. When manufacturing, you need to select the appropriate materials and processing processes to ensure the performance and quality of the shield.

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