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Injection molded absorbing materials

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Injection -type suction material is a material with a suction function and is commonly used in the field of electromagnetic wave absorption. It can effectively absorb, attenuation and reflect electromagnetic waves to achieve the purpose of reducing electromagnetic interference and improving electromagnetic compatibility.

1. Principles of injection -shaped suction materials: injection molding suction materials mainly realize the absorption of electromagnetic waves through its own chemical structure and physical properties. Generally speaking, it contains two categories: conductive materials and dielectric materials. The conductive material mainly plays the absorption and conductive effect of electromagnetic waves, while the dielectric material plays the dispersion and scattering effect of electromagnetic waves. By controlling the proportion and shape of these two types of materials, the absorption effect of electromagnetic waves within a specific frequency range can be achieved.

2. Advantages of injection molding material: Compared with other suction materials, injection molding suction materials have the following advantages. First of all, it can undergo injection molding according to needs, suitable for products of different shapes and sizes. Secondly, the injection molding material has good processing performance, which can achieve mass production through the process of mold setting, injection molding. In addition, injection molding materials also have excellent thermal stability, mechanical performance and corrosion resistance.

3. Application of injection molding materials: injection molding suction materials are widely used in communication, military, aerospace and other fields. In the field of communication, it can be used in electromagnetic shielding, antenna packaging, etc. to improve the performance of communication equipment. In the military field, it can be used in the aspects of stealth technology and radar suction materials to improve the concealment of military equipment and anti -investigation capabilities. In the field of aerospace, injection molding materials can reduce the reflection of radar waves on the surface of the aircraft and improve the stealth performance of the air equipment.

4. The development trend of injection molding materials: As the problem of electromagnetic wave interference is increasingly prominent, the research and application of injection molding suction materials have also received widespread attention. The future development trend mainly includes: improving the suction performance, expanding the absorption frequency band; optimizing the formula of the material, improving the processing performance and stability of the materials; the development of new injection molding materials, such as high temperature wear -resistant injection molding materials, etc., to meet different differentials Field needs.

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