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High temperature structural absorbing composite materials
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High temperature structural absorbing composite materials



High -temperature structure -type suction composite material is a material that has a special structure and component that can effectively absorb electromagnetic waves in high temperature environments. It is mainly used in aerospace, radar, electromagnetic wave shielding and other fields.

When selecting the material, the material and fillers of the material need to be considered. The matrix is the main part of the support structure. Common matrix materials include polyimide, epoxy resin, etc. Fillets can choose materials with high -agency loss, such as iron oxide and manganese oxide.

The design of materials is mainly considered from the following aspects:

1. Structural design: The layered structure can be adopted to form a composite structure through the combination of multi -layer materials to improve the suction performance. You can also adopt a periodic structure to achieve the absorption of electromagnetic waves within a specific frequency range through the structure unit of periodic arrangement.

2. Ingredient selection: Choose fillers with high -agency loss and fill in the substrate to increase the suction performance of the material. At the same time, the effect of filler on material mechanics should be considered to avoid adverse interactions between fillers and matrix.

3. Thickness control: The thickness of the material has a certain effect on the absorption performance. Generally speaking, increasing the thickness of the material can improve the absorption performance. However, too thick materials may increase the weight and thickness of the overall structure and limit the application field.

4. Surface treatment: It can enhance the suction performance by coating the conductivity layer or the suction layer on the surface of the material. The conductive layer can help the energy of decentralized electromagnetic waves, and the suction layer can increase the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves.

The design of high -temperature structural -type suction composite materials requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as the composition, structure and thickness of the material in order to achieve the efficient absorption of electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range. In practical applications, more experiments and testing are needed to further optimize the performance of the materials.


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