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Flexible medium foam absorbing material

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Flexible medium foam suction material is a common sound consumption material, which is widely used in construction, automobiles, electronic equipment and other fields.

1. Principles: Flexible media foaming material uses its internal porous structure to use uniform pores to make sound waves reflect and scatter multiple times inside the material, thereby converting sound wave energy into thermal energy to achieve the effect of sound absorption.

2. Features: Flexible media foaming material has the following characteristics:

-A good sound absorption performance: can absorb most of the sound wave energy, reduce the reflection and spread of sound;

-Lore soft and soft: it has a lighter weight and soft characteristics, easy to cut and install;

-The corrosion resistance: have a certain anti -chemical corrosion performance, suitable for use in different environments;

-On wear resistance: It has a certain degree of wear resistance and a long service life.

3. Application field: Flexible media foaming materials are widely used in the following fields:

-The construction field: for sound insulation wall, sound -absorbing board, sound insulation doors and windows, etc., provide indoor mute environments;

-Frin field: used in the internal noise control, engine compartment sound insulation, exhaust system noise reduction, etc.;

-Electronic equipment field: for sound insulation and noise reduction of electronic devices such as television, audio, mobile phones;

-Ex Industrial Field: Used for noise control and noise reduction of machinery and equipment, and improve the working environment.

4. Material selection: When choosing a flexible media foaming material, the following factors need to be considered:

-Suko -absorbing performance: Choose the appropriate sound absorption coefficient and frequency range according to specific needs;

-D density: Choose the appropriate density according to the application scenario, and higher density usually has better sound absorption effects;

-Stidity: Select the appropriate thickness according to the frequency of noise source. Generally speaking, larger thickness can absorb lower frequency sounds.

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