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PI plated niobium titanium thin film
  • PI plated niobium titanium thin film
PI plated niobium titanium thin film

Advanced Institute Technology PI plating niobium titanium thin film, thickness can be customized according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Institute Technology's PI coating of niobium titanium thin film is a process of depositing niobium titanium alloy materials onto the surface of polyimide thin film (PI) through physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology. PI, as an organic polymer material, has excellent insulation, high temperature resistance, and chemical stability, while niobium titanium material has superior electronic, optical, and mechanical properties. This thin film coating process can combine the excellent properties of PI thin films and the characteristics of niobium titanium materials, making PI niobium titanium thin films have broad potential in various application fields.

In the preparation process of PI coated niobium titanium thin films, commonly used PVD techniques include magnetron sputtering and electron beam evaporation. These technologies deposit niobium titanium evaporates onto the surface of PI thin films by heating and evaporating niobium titanium materials in a vacuum environment or bombarding the target surface with particles. The preparation process needs to ensure the control of vacuum degree and temperature, as well as the uniformity and adhesion of the thin film layer.

PI coated niobium titanium thin film is widely used in the field. For example, in the field of flexible electronics, PI coated niobium titanium thin films can be used to prepare flexible sensors, flexible circuit boards, and tension and pressure sensors. Due to the excellent insulation performance of PI film and the high conductivity of niobium titanium material, PI coated niobium titanium film has good conductivity and mechanical flexibility, making it suitable for applications with high bending and stretching.

In addition, in the field of optics, PI coated niobium titanium thin films can be used to prepare solar cells, optoelectronic displays, and optical lenses due to their excellent transparency and anti reflection properties. In the field of biomedicine, PI coated niobium titanium films can be used for the preparation of trigger devices and medical implants, due to the biocompatibility of PI films and the biological activity of niobium titanium materials.

In summary, the PI plating of niobium titanium thin films by Advanced Institute Technology is an important process that combines the characteristics of PI thin films and niobium titanium materials. Has broad application prospects in flexible electronics, optics, and biomedical fields

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