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Pi aluminum film

Advanced Institute TechnologyPi aluminum film, thickness can be customized according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Institute Technology PI Aluminum Plating Film refers to the process of coating a layer of aluminum film on the surface of polyimide (Polyimide) by vacuum evaporation. This film has excellent insulation, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and other characteristics, and has a wide range of application prospects.

1. Application: PI aluminum plated film can be used in fields such as electronic products, aerospace, optical instruments, electrical equipment, etc. It can be used as an insulation layer, shielding layer, reflective layer, etc., exhibiting excellent insulation, reflection, and shielding performance.

2. Characteristics: The PI aluminum plated film has the following characteristics:

-High temperature resistance: Polyimide substrates have good high-temperature resistance and can work stably in high-temperature environments.

-High reflectivity: Aluminum film has good reflective performance and can reflect light within a certain range, which is used to improve the optical effect of optical equipment.

-High shielding: Aluminum plated film can effectively shield electromagnetic waves, avoid interference and leakage, and improve the performance stability of electrical equipment.

-Lightweight and flexible: The PI substrate film is very thin and has flexibility, making it suitable for use on complex shapes and surfaces.

3. Preparation process: The preparation process of PI aluminum plated thin film generally includes the following steps:

-Substrate treatment: Clean and remove impurities on the surface of the polyimide film to ensure the adhesion and stability of the coating.

-Vacuum evaporation: In a vacuum environment, aluminum source material is evaporated using high-temperature resistance heating to form a thin film deposited on the surface of polyimide.

-Cooling and curing: After the aluminum film coating is completed, cooling and curing treatment is carried out to ensure the structural stability and heat resistance of the film.

4. Application cases: There are many application cases of PI aluminum plated thin films, such as insulation materials used in the aerospace field, reflective layers for solar cell backplates, backlight modules for LCD displays, etc.

In summary, PI aluminum plated thin film, as a high-performance material, has a wide range of applications in multiple fields. Its unique characteristics and advantages have attracted widespread attention in industries such as electronics, aerospace, and optics, and it has a good market prospect.

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