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Module shielding refers to a isolation device used in electronic devices or circuits for shielding electromagnetic interference. It can effectively prevent the transmission and interference of electromagnetic waves and ensure the normal work of electronic equipment.

The module shield is generally made of metal material, such as aluminum alloy or steel plate. It is usually a box -shaped structure that can completely surround the shielded module or circuit to form a closed space. The interior of the module shield is usually the metal surface, which is connected to the ground line by conductive connection to achieve the shielding of electromagnetic waves.

The module shield has the following main functions:

1. Shielding electromagnetic radiation: The module shielding can effectively shield the electromagnetic radiation issued by the electronic equipment to prevent it from interfere with the surrounding environment or other equipment.

2. Prevent external electromagnetic interference: Module shielding can also prevent the interference of external electromagnetic waves from external electromagnetic waves to ensure the normal work of the equipment. Especially for some equipment that is very sensitive to interference, the use of module shielding is very important.

3. Prevent signal leakage: The use of module shielding can prevent the internal signal of the device from leaking to the outside and ensure the security and confidentiality of the equipment. Especially for some equipment with privacy and security, the module shielding can play a good protective role.

It should be noted that the design and material selection of the module shield need to be determined according to the actual application scenarios and needs to ensure the requirements of the shielding effect. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the connection and grounding methods of the module shielding and the device to ensure an effective shielding effect.

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