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The shielding frame is a device designed to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the circuit system. It is made of electromagnetic shielding material and is usually metal or conductive polystore. The main function of the shielding frame is to directly guide the electromagnetic waves to the ground to prevent it from interfering with the surrounding circuits and equipment.

The materials used in the shielding frame have an important impact on its performance. Generally, metal shielding materials such as iron, copper or aluminum have excellent conductive performance and shielding effect. The conductive polystone such as polyurethane is another commonly used shielding material. It contains a polymer that fills the conductive material. It has good flexibility and plasticity, which can be made into various shapes as needed.

The design principles of the shielding frame involve several aspects. First of all, its shape and size need to be matched with the shell or circuit board of the protected device to ensure that it is completely surrounded. Secondly, the surface of the shielding box should meet good contact performance to ensure that there is a low resistance when connected to the device. In addition, the shielding box positioning and installation also need to pay attention to avoid blocking the necessary connections and interfaces.

The effect of the shielding frame is mainly evaluated by attenuation. The commonly used units are decibels (DB). Attenuation indicates the percentage of the energy lost when the electromagnetic wave is lost by the shielding box. According to the needs, you can adjust the thickness, shape and seams of the material of the shield to achieve higher attenuation effects.

In general, the shielding frame plays a key role in the circuit system and is used to reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference. By selecting the appropriate materials, optimized design and correct installation methods, the performance and stability of electronic equipment can be effectively improved.

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