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Characteristics of conductive cloth

Conductive cloth tape is suitable for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables and other electronic and electrical products, mainly for shielding or isolating electromagnetic wave or infinite wave interference in high frequency transmission. Conductive cloth tape is made of conductive cloth, and its characteristic is to increase the "glue" characteristic on the basis of conductive cloth. In general, the "glue" expected by the industry is conductive glue, that is, the "nickel" component, in order to play the role of magnetic shielding. But there are also ordinary acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive without conductive adhesive, so as to make conductive cloth have good adhesion.
Characteristics of conductive cloth tape:
1. Good conductivity and shielding effect.
2. Good anti friction performance, anti friction times up to 5000000 times.
3、Good metal binding force and z-conductivity.
4、Good processability, soft texture, slitting without burr, anti fingerprint dirt.
Precautions for use and storage of conductive cloth tape:
1、When the conductive cloth tape must be used in low magnetic state of natural environment, it should be returned to room temperature (about 20 ℃) for more than three hours.
2、The conductive cloth and tape products are packaged with wrapping paper or film and packed in appropriate cartons.
3、Conductive cloth tape should be placed in a cool place to avoid high temperature or high humidity. 6 months after production.
Conductive cloth is made of fiber cloth (commonly used polyester fiber cloth) as the base material. After pretreatment, electroplated metal coating is applied to make it have metal characteristics and become conductive fiber cloth.
Can be divided into: nickel plated conductive cloth, gold-plated conductive cloth, carbon plated conductive cloth, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth, the appearance of plain and grid distinction.

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