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Carbon based absorbing materials
Porous carbon based absorbing materials
  • Porous carbon based absorbing materials
Porous carbon based absorbing materials

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Multi -porous carbon -based suction materials are a type of material with good suction performance and are commonly used in electromagnetic wave absorption and noise control.

1. Preparation of porous carbon materials:

There are many ways to prepare porous carbon materials. Common methods include: carbonizer template method, water heat method, solution gel method, and self -assembly method. Among them, the carbon agent template method is one of the most commonly used methods. It mainly selects porous carbon materials by selecting the appropriate carbonized agent as a template, and carbonized reactions under high temperature conditions.

2. Structural characteristics of porous carbon materials:

Multi -pore carbon materials have the characteristics of high ratio, pore structure, good conductivity, and chemical stability. Its high ratio and pore structure are conducive to adsorbing electromagnetic wave energy, thereby achieving a suction effect. In addition, porous carbon materials can also regulate its suction performance by controlling the size, distribution and shape of the pore structure.

3. The suction mechanism of porous carbon materials:

The absorption mechanism of polychor carbon materials mainly involves the absorption and reflection of electromagnetic waves. The high -ratio surface area and pore structure of the pore carbon material can increase the contact area with electromagnetic waves, thereby improving the absorption effect. In addition, the conductivity of porous carbon materials is also conducive to electromagnetic wave absorption, because conductive can promote the energy transmission and absorption of electromagnetic waves.

4. Application of porous carbon materials:

Multi -carbon materials are widely used in the fields of electromagnetic wave absorption and noise control. In terms of electromagnetic wave absorption, porous carbon materials can be used for electromagnetic shielding materials, electromagnetic wave absorbers, and the peak control of the antenna radiation; in terms of noise control, porous carbon materials can be used for noise absorption materials and acoustic vibrations.

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