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Ceramic based absorbing materials
High -guide magnetic low losses partial magnetic movies
  • High -guide magnetic low losses partial magnetic movies
High -guide magnetic low losses partial magnetic movies

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Electromagnetic wave suppression sheets are a common electromagnetic wave inhibitory material, which are commonly used in the fields of electromagnetic wave shielding, electromagnetic wave elimination, and weakening of electromagnetic radiation.

1. Principles of ripples: The suction waves can absorb and decay electromagnetic waves by consuming and conversion of electromagnetic wave energy. It is usually composed of conductive materials, medium, and suction layer. When the electromagnetic waves act on the surface of the suction film, the conductive material will absorb electromagnetic wave energy and convert it into thermal energy or other forms of energy, which weakens the energy of the electromagnetic wave.

2. Paper -absorbing material: Common sucking tablets include various conductive materials and suction materials. The conductive material, such as the metal, has good electromagnetic wave absorption performance, and the suction material such as carbon black and carbon nanotubes can be used to regulate its structure and form to achieve the absorption of electromagnetic waves in specific bands.

3. Waves design: The design of wave suction films needs to be taken into account factors such as working frequency, absorption performance and structural size. Reasonably select the materials and structures of the wave suction sheet to achieve the absorption and attenuation effect of the target electromagnetic wave frequency band. At the same time, the size and form of the structure will also affect the performance of the wave suction tablet and need to be optimized.

4. Application field: Electromagnetic wave suppressing waves in the fields of military, communications, aerospace and other fields are widely used. For example, in the military field, suction films can be used in electromagnetic shielding, radar stealth and electromagnetic wave interference; in the field of communication, suction films can be used to eliminate electromagnetic interference and protect communication equipment.


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