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Silver plating film
PP silver coating
  • PP silver coating
PP silver coating

Advanced college technology PP silver -plated film can customize various thickness according to needs; welcome to consult.


Advanced college technology PP coating is a process that covers the silver layer on the surface of PolyPropylene (PP) material. The main function of this film is to provide the excellent light reflection performance and weather resistance of polypropylene materials, and it can also improve its appearance texture and corrosion resistance. PP coating has many advantages. First of all, the silver layer can provide good light reflection performance, so that polypropylene materials can better reflect light under light and improve energy utilization. Secondly, the silver layer can also effectively improve the antioxidant and weather resistance of polypropylene materials, and extend its service life. In addition, PP silver can also increase the appearance texture of the product, making it more attractive and market competitive.

1. Application field of pp coating:

-Food packaging: PP silver has good shielding performance and fresh -keeping performance. It can be used for food packaging materials to protect the effects of food from light, oxygen and moisture.

-Electronics: Because silver has good conductivity and shielding performance, PP coating can be used for electronically conductive membranes and shielding membranes of electronic products, providing good electromagnetic shielding effects.

-Ome battery: PP coating can be used as a conductive layer for solar cells, providing high -efficiency current transmission and light reflection.

2. Features of pp coating:

-The high reflection performance: Silver has a high reflection rate, PP coating can reflect light well, providing good optical properties.

-A good conductive performance: Silver has good conductivity. PP coating can be used as a conductive film to meet the electrical conductivity of electronic products.

-Opered shielding performance: Silver has good electromagnetic shielding performance, and PP coating can be used in the field of electromagnetic shielding and anti -static.

3. Processing process of pp coating:

-A surface pre -processing: First of all, pre -processing PP film, such as cleaning, dust removal, etc. to ensure smooth and clean surface.

-BSMC: Electric chemical deposition of silver ions on the surface of the pre -processing PP film to form silver layers.

-The post -processing: post -processing of silver, such as drying, curing, etc., ensure that the silver layer is firm and the surface is smooth.

4. Maintenance and precautions for pp coating:

-On avoid contact with sharp items: PP coating is easily scratched by sharp items. When using, pay attention to avoid contact with sharp objects.

-On avoid moisture: PP coating is vulnerable to moisture, and the humid environment is required when using and storage.

-Coltic cleaning: When cleaning, a mild cleaner and soft cloth should be wiped gently to avoid using organic solvents and irritating cleaners.

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