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Silver plating film
PEN silver plating film
  • PEN silver plating film
PEN silver plating film

Advanced Institute Technology PEN silver plating film, can be customized with various thicknesses according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Academy of Science and Technology Pen Magnetic Splane silver is a technology that sedes silver to poly -polytinnachaphthThalate (Pen) thin film surface. Magnetic sputtering is a method of physical gas deposition. By applying magnetic fields in the vacuum chamber, it activates metal targets and sputter metal ions on the surface to be treated to form the required metal membrane. In the process, the silver target was selected for sputtering, because it has good conductivity and reflexivity, and is suitable for many application areas, such as optical display devices and conductive film.

As an excellent polymer material, the Pen film has high transparency, excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability, and is widely used in the fields of flexible electronics, touch screens, and optical film. The application of the silver film to the PEN surface through magnetic sputtering technology can give the Pen thin film good conductivity, reflection, and photoelectric characteristics.

The process of magnetic sputtering silver generally includes the following steps: First, the PEN film to be treated is placed in the vacuum chamber and prepared, such as vacuum and preheating in the cavity chamber. Then, a gase of silver targets is introduced in the magnetic sputtering equipment, and an appropriate atmosphere is generated indoors. Next, to activate silver targets by applying magnetic fields and spatter metal ions. These splash metal ions are deposited on the surface of the film and gradually form a metal film. Finally, after sputtering, stop the gas supply, release the vacuum and remove the sputtering Pen film.

Through Pen Magnetic Splane silver, it can give the Pen film to the conductive performance, so that it has the ability to conduct current in the flexible electronics field. In addition, the high reflection properties of the silver film can also be applied to optical display devices to improve optical properties. However, it should be noted that some challenges may occur during the process of coating, such as the loss of the target, the atmosphere control, and the uniformity of the film, and the reasonable equipment and process parameters are required to solve it.

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