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Silver plating film
PET silver -plated film
  • PET silver -plated film
PET silver -plated film

Advanced Institute Technology PET silver plating film, can be customized with various thicknesses as needed; Welcome to inquire.


The science and technology substrate of advanced houses 4.5-188UMPET is the silver-plated coverage layer of polyester film (PET), and its PET thickness range ranges from 4.5 microns to 188 microns. PET silver is a common functional thin film material, which is widely used in many fields, including optics, electronics, information technology, packaging, etc.

First, PET is a polymer material with excellent mechanical performance and chemical stability. It has low density, high strength and excellent abrasion resistance, making PET a ideal substrate for various coating applications. The PET film itself is highly transparent and has good optical properties, which is widely used in optical devices and display technologies.

Secondly, PET coordinates are formed by depositing a layer of 50nm-1um silver metal film on the PET surface. The thickness of the silver film is generally between 4.5 microns and 188 microns, which can be adjusted according to specific application requirements. The coating can give PET good conductive and reflected performances, thereby meeting the requirements for conductive and reflection in electronic devices, optical devices and information technology.

In the field of electronics, silver of 4.5-188umpet is often used to make flexible circuits, film resistors and touch screens. It can provide good conductivity, while maintaining the flexibility and transparency of PET, making the device more flexible and bent, and reducing resistance and energy loss.

In the field of optical, the 4.5-188umpet coating is widely used in transparent conductive membranes, reflectors and optical filters. By controlling the thickness and structure of the silver film, the reflection, absorption and transmission of light can be realized to meet different optical needs.

In the field of packaging, the 4.5-188umpet coating can be used as packaging materials for food, medicine and electronic products. Its high luster and excellent moisture -proof performance make PET coated silver with excellent decorative effect and protection performance.

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