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Copper plating film
PP copper coating
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PP copper coating

Advanced Institute Technology PP copper plating film, can be customized with various thicknesses according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Copycin PP copper plating film, that is, polypropylene copper -plating film, is a special film material that uses magnetic sputtering or evaporative plating+chemical electroplating technology to plating the copper layer on polypropylene film. PP copper plating film is a material that is commonly used in streams. Collection flows refer to components that can collect and transmit currents, which are usually used in equipment such as batteries, motors, fuel cells. The PP copper -plated film is a material choice as a collection of streams, which has certain advantages and characteristics

First of all, the preparation process of PP copper -plating film is relatively simple. Magnetic control, evaporation and electroplating can be used to prepare film materials, and a thin copper layer, the thickness of the base material and the thickness of the copper layer can be plated on the surface by chemical electroplating. You can customize it according to actual needs. This preparation method can give it good conductive performance while ensuring the basic properties of the membrane material, so that it has the function of the fluid.

Secondly, the PP copper plating film has excellent conductive performance. Copper is an excellent conductive material that can conduct good conductivity and low resistance. After the copper layer is placed on the PP membrane double -sided, it can make it have good conductive performance, and it is suitable for some occasions with higher conductivity, such as conductive materials in the collection.

In addition, PP copper plating film also has good anticorrosive performance. Copper layers can effectively prevent the oxidation and corrosion of membrane materials, thereby improving their service life and stability. This is very important for scenes such as streams that require long -term use.

In general, PP copper plating film is a special membrane material plated on the polypropylene film, which has excellent conductivity and anticorrosive performance. There are extensive application prospects in electronic components, collecting flows and other fields.

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