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Copper plating film
PI copper plating film
  • PI copper plating film
PI copper plating film

Advanced Institute Technology PI copper plating film, can be customized with various thicknesses according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Academy of Technology PI Copper -plated tin membrane is a material for SMD (SurfacemountDevice) terminals. The SMD terminal is a kind of component widely used in electronic devices. The main function is to use circuit connection. The PI copper -plated tin membrane is a special protective film that can effectively protect the SMD terminal and improve its durability and stability.

First of all, the PI copper -plated tin membrane is made by combining polyimide with metal compounds such as magnetic control copper and water tin -plated. Polybamine material has excellent insulation performance and high temperature stability, and is suitable for applications under different environmental conditions.

Secondly, the addition of copper and tin makes the PI copper -plated tin membrane has good conductive performance and welding performance. Copper can provide electronic signals transmission, while tin can enhance the reliability of welding. This enables the SMD terminals to not only better transmit electronic signals, but also connect to other components to reduce the possibility of disconnection or loosening.

In addition, PI copper -plated tin membranes also have good durability and stability. Its high temperature stability can ensure that it is not easy to deform or fall off in high temperature environments, thereby protecting the SMD terminal from being damaged. In addition, the durability of PI copper -plated tin membrane can also maintain its good performance for a long time, extending the service life of electronic equipment.

In summary, PI copper -plated tin membrane is an important material suitable for SMD terminal covering. It consists of polylide material and metal compounds such as copper and tin, and has good insulation performance, high temperature stability, conductive performance and welding performance. By protecting the SMD terminal with PI -plating tin membranes, the reliability and stability of electronic equipment can be improved.

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