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Copper plating film
PEN copper plating film
  • PEN copper plating film
PEN copper plating film

Advanced Institute Technology PEN copper plating film, customized with various thicknesses according to needs. Welcome to inquire.


Advanced Academy of Technology Pen Copper -plating film is a process that deposits copper layers on the surface of the polyester film through a special process. It is mainly used in the flexible circuit, capacitor, and LED display of electronic products.

1. The advantages of Pen Plated membrane:

-The flexible: Polyester film has very good flexibility. After copper plating, it can still maintain its flexible characteristics, suitable for flexible electronics.

-A good conductivity: Copper is an excellent conductive material. After the copper -plating film, it can provide good conductive performance to meet the requirements of electronic circuits.

-The corrosion resistance: The copper layer can form a protective layer on the polyester film, which can effectively prevent corrosion and improve the service life of the product.

2. Preparation process of Painted copper -plated film:

-Preparatory processing: The polyester film is cleaned and removed to improve the adhesion of the copper layer.

-Acondential membrane preparation: The conductive layer is formed on the surface of the polyester film through magnetic sputtering or vacuum steaming plating.

-The copper -plated: Copper -plated substrate and polyester film are clamped together, and the copper layer is deposited on the surface of the polyester film through electrochemical or chemical methods.

-The post -treatment: Cleaning, drying, and photoresal of copper plating film to improve the quality of the membrane layer.

3. Application field of Painted copper -plated film:

-Feoning circuit: Pen copper plating film can form a wire guide line on the polyester film to prepare flexible electronic products, such as bending electronic equipment, curly display screens, etc.

-Capacity: Copper layer is good, which can improve the electrical performance of the capacitor and use it to prepare high -performance capacitors.

-LeD display: Pen copper plating film can be used as a flexible substrate to prepare flexible, curled LED display, and improve the reliability and availability of the product.

All in all, Pen's copper -plated film is plated with a copper layer on the surface of the polyester film, which has the advantages of strong flexibility, good conductivity and good corrosion resistance. It is suitable for flexible circuits, capacitors, LED display and other fields, and in flexible electronic products It plays an important role in development.

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